"Support Techno Music"

D's Productions - Is our production team at Da Bottom.

Techneto is our newest artist to the label.  His funky techno sounds and raw drums he call his style Detroid Beats. Techneto primary focus is to bring back the old sound of techno more beat oriented sound and ghetto vibes. Techneto is produced by YTEE and will be releasing his EP album "Da Technician I am" soon!!  

K.O.T (Kings of Thoughts)

Production Team


K.O.T (Kings of Thoughts) was the first artist on BBR. There first single "Da Jit" was a Detroit club favorite. Recorded at Metroplex Studios in Detroit. Da Jit is a Detroit dance that is nationwide and K.O.T wanted to put it on the map worldwide.  The B-side "Heavy on The Tongue" was a underground favorite banging in the strip clubs and motorcycle clubs in Detroit. This single was produced by Anthony "Shake" Shakir.  It was reissued digitally on 6/24/16 and the vinyl is on the way!